Translating 2D media into 3D art all begins in the same place- fabrication. At Aurum, we utilize traditional crafting skills coupled with the latest manufacturing technology to make concepts and designs a reality. Whether it’s sculpted, carved, or 3D printed, we ensure that everything we make is crafted to perfection before moving on to paint and finish.

Our work is also created in a wide variety of materials to fit any application. Whether you need a delicate prop for a display, a robust costume for stunts, or pieced-out prototypes for production, our team will work with you to fabricate your ideas in the medium and quantity you need.



Paint & Finish


Creating a true showstopper requires more than a flawless print or sculpt; it also needs immaculate paint work. We’ve honed our techniques over the years to accurately replicate the appearance of any material, from stained wood to human flesh to pure gold. Combined with meticulous weathering and distressing, our creations have unparalleled layers of depth and character that make you think “Whoa, is this real?”

However, a thoughtful finish goes beyond painting and weathering. We enhance our projects by using a variety of materials as well as functions such as lights, moving parts, and fluids to turn even the most abstract designs into memorable and believable creations.



 Media & Film


We provide a wide range of creative services for the marketing of video games, film, and television. Our team handles everything from costumes and effects to camera work and production to create unique and memorable live action media for your IP.

We believe that believable characters, weapons, and props foster immersive connections between people and brands. By bringing our unique skills and experience to your production, we can forge these connections in an impactful way your audience won’t soon forget.